Do you offer samples?

At this time, we do not offer samples. Stay tuned for updates!

What skin types are Freedom Cosmetics suitable for?

Our products are appropriate for all skin types: they’re phthalate, sulfate and paraben free, Non-GMO, gluten free and talc free.  Always read the ingredients list for any ingredients you may be allergic to as some of our items are nut oil derived.

Will my product melt, freeze, dry out or expire?

If your Freedom Cosmetics product is subjected to excessive heat or cold for short periods of time, it will not impact the product’s efficacy, although it may result in a texture variance. Prolonged exposure to a specific element may cause a product to spoil or be less effective.  Ex.  Leaving a top off mascara overnight can cause it to dry out.   

We recommend using our products within 6-12 months after opening for best product quality.  Natural makeup without preservatives is much like food without preservatives, it will eventually expire because it is supposed to. 

Are Freedom Cosmetics products tested on animals?

They are not tested on animals and we are in the process of seeking Leaping Bunny Certification.